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Joy in Action 2022

Human trafficking can happen to anyone in any community across our country. Every day, girls, women and boys are manipulated and recruited into the sex trade and forced labour. What may start as a seemingly innocent conversation online or in real life can quickly turn into something tragic.

Although the realities of human trafficking are horrific, there is also hope!

Through education, prevention and intervention, we can end human trafficking in Canada. Survivors can heal. Families can be reunited. Justice can be served.

It all starts by uniting as a community dedicated to taking the small steps that will lead to big results. Working together, we can shine the spotlight on the role all Canadians play in being a part of the solution to end trafficking.

So, let’s get started! Join the Joy Smith Foundation for our annual Joy in Action virtual fundraiser. It’s easy to get involved. Whether you like to run, walk or ride, your activity will make a difference.

Invite your friends and family to participate with you in support of Joy in Action anytime between August 13 and August 21. There are no registration fees and all money will go directly to supporting the Foundation’s Intervention and Prevention programs. It’s that simple!

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $125,000 in 2022 and sign up today! Your support will offer hope and healing to survivors and their families.