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Colleen Breker

Being able to raise funds for the Joy Smith Foundation through Joy in Action is a great way to fight against human trafficking. Education is key in stopping trafficking. Spreading knowledge is so powerful. Each year I’ve become bolder in my fundraising. Last year I set a pretty large goal for myself and it was surpassed. It’s exciting to see others learn that trafficking happens in our country and our community and are willing to support the fight against it. I’ve realized I just need to ask and share the knowledge that I have.

Colleen Breker

Kathy Friesen

I first became aware of the Joy Smith Foundation early last year, and when I learned about the Joy in Action 2021 event, I signed up right away.

As a mother, grandmother and Christian, the horror of human trafficking compelled me to take action, however I could. Committing to raise money to fight and awareness of this grievous issue meant stepping far outside my comfort zone, but as I did, people responded. In spite of personal health issues and government restrictions, Joy in Action 2021 became an adventure—one that taught me that people want to help, if only they know why and how.

My experience last year made me determined to continue to volunteer with Joy in Action. On our own, we may not be able to do a lot, but together we can put an end to human trafficking!

Kathy Friesen

Natalie Siemens

Last year, I took part in Joy in Action by doing a walk around the town of Kleefeld, MB. Despite the rain, lots of people showed up to walk in the name of helping to end human trafficking. When it comes to human trafficking, it does not take much convincing to inspire someone to get involved in help. No one that I know is for the exploitation of young people in Canada and this was an easy and enjoyable way for my teams participants to contribute to the Joy Smith Foundation’s cause to see it end. Being a Team Captain of Joy in Action was simple, fun, and so worthwhile. I will be joining again this year!

Natalie Siemens

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