Frequently Asked Questions about Joy in Action

When do I participate in my activity for Joy in Action 2024?
Participation for Joy in Action begins as soon as you register

You can start your team recruitment, advocating and fundraising right now! Whether you’ve chosen to join us in person or walk, run, bike, or do an alternative activity at your pace, we're so glad you're here!

Joy in  Action 2024 will occur between August 17th - 25th, 2024! 

If you can, join us at Bird's Hill Park on August 17 at 9 am to complete your activity!

Register today and get started to achieve your fundraising goals!

What kinds of activities can I do for Joy In Action?

Participants and teams can choose from lots of options!

Sign up to:

  • walk 5 km, 
  • run 5 km or 10 km, or
  • cycle 10 km, 25 km or 50 km!

You can even decide to do something completely different by choosing an activity of your choice. What's that? Use your imagination! You could host a BBQ or pasta dinner, hold a community garage sale or get crafty and make something to sell, with proceeds going toward your participation in Joy In Action! The possibilites are endless!

What does registration cost?
Registration is free for Joy in Action 2024! Sign up now.

Can there be more than one Team Captain registered for one team?
Yes! If you and a friend, colleague or family member would like to co-captain your team, you have the option to register up to two team captains.

Is there a maximum limit to Team Members?
No, your team can include as many people as you like.

How do I register to join a team?
Register here!

You will be given the option to join a team. From here, follow the steps to complete your registration!

How do I register as a Team Captain?
Register here

You will be given the option to register as a Team Captain. From here, follow the steps to complete your registration!

How do I register as an individual?
Register here! 

You will be given the option to register as an individual. From here, follow the steps to complete your registration!

I have registered as an individual, but meant to register to join a team. How do I correct this?
Click the yellow "Log In" button at the top of this page and enter the username and password you created when you registered. 

Then, click "Participant Center" in the blue bar at the top. This will bring you to your personal Participant Centre. On the right hand side there is a list of links - click the one that says "Change Team Membership" then search for the team name you want to join. 


Where do I send my offline (cash or cheque) donations?
Please send any cash or cheque donations to the Joy Smith Foundation office 

201 Portage Avenue, 18th Floor 

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

R3B 3K6

Who do I make the cheque out to?
Please make cheques out to: The Joy Smith Foundation Inc. 

In the memo line on the cheque, include Joy in Action 2024 along with the name of your team. 

For example: 'Joy in Action 2024 – Team Jump for Joy!'

I have collected cash donations, how do I send them in?
Sending cash through the mail is not advised, however, you can drop the cash off in person at our office, get a money order, or cashiers cheque for your cash donations. 

Please be sure to keep track of who gave you cash or cheque donations by downloading our Joy in Action 2024 donation chart located in our Joy in Action Fundraising Tools AND entering them into your team's online fundraising page.

What is the Joy in Action 2024 donation chart used for?
Filling out this chart will help you and us stay organized! 

The Joy in Action 2024 Donation Chart will help you to keep track of all the offline donations you’ve collected to fundraise for Joy in Action 2024. This is important because we send your friends, family or coworkers who have given to Joy in Action an acknowledgement of their gift as well as a tax receipt! We need their name, mailing address, email address, donation amount and donation type to do so. 

If we aren’t provided with this information, the tax receipt for donations will go to you rather than the person who made the donation.

Are tax receipts available?
Donations made to Joy in Action 2024 that are $20 or more, are eligible for a tax receipt. 

If you are collecting any offline donations for Joy in Action, please ensure to keep track of the donor’s personal information on your Joy in Action 2024 donation chart. This way, we can ensure that the tax receipt will be made out to the donor rather than you. Any online donations will automatically capture the donor’s information and a receipt will be sent to them.

One of the donation options is to become a monthly donor to Joy in Action 2024. How does this work?
Choosing to contribute to Joy in Action 2024 as a monthly donor is very much appreciated. 

You can pick an amount you would like to give monthly and the deposit will continue until you choose to end it.


How do I find the URL for my personal page?
Log in to your account on the this website.

Click the "Participant Center" button and then scroll down to the "Personal Page" section. 

Here you can find the URL to your personal page. 

You can even customize your URL by clicking the green URL Settings button to the right.

How do I edit my personal page?
Log in to your account on this website. Click the "Participant Center" button and scroll down to the "Personal Page" section. 

Here you can edit text and add a personal photo!

How do I change my fundraising goal on my personal page?
Log in to your account on this website. 

Click the "Participant Center" button. 

You will see the "Your Fundraising Progress" section at the top of the page, click the green button to the right, just above your thermometer to edit your goal amount. Enter the new amount and click on save.

You will see a screen that says Overview on the top. It will show how much you have raised and your fundraising goal. Under your fundraising goal there is the word change in parenthesis. Click the word change and it will let you type in a new goal and then click submit.


When does Joy in Action 2024 take place?
Advocating, fundraising and team recruitment starts as soon as you register

The event week for Joy in Action 2024 takes place August 17th – 25th, 2024. Any time during this week, you can walk, run, bike, or do an activity of your choosing to participate. 

You can also join us at Bird's Hill Provincial Park at 9 am on Saturday, August 17!

How long do I have to collect donations?
From the minute you register until one month after our event week (September 25, 2024).

I want to fundraise for Joy in Action 2024 but I will not be able to actually participate this year. What is the best way to go about this?
We appreciate any support you can give us and would love to have you involved even though you aren’t able to participate with an activity. You can register as an individual and fundraise at your own pace, choose to be a monthly donor to Joy in Action 2024, or choose to be a matching donor. If you would like to be a matching donor, please contact us.

Does Joy in Action 2024 have a Swag Bag?
Not having a registration fee for Joy in Action is important to us because it allows everyone to participate for free!